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Useful Resources

This page contains links to all of the bookmarks I've saved over the years that are useful to me in one way or another. Hopefully you will find them useful too. This list is ever-expanding, so check back occasionally.

Design resources


  • TypeWolf by Jeremiah Shoaf - A great site for anyone interested in typography. Shoaf sends out a great monthly newsletter featuring all of the new, interesting things posted to TypeWolf every month.
  • Font Pair by Hayden Mills - Some useful pairings of fonts available via Google Fonts. Offers great ideas for font pairings on the web.
  • Google Fonts by Google - You should probably already have this one bookmarked. Lots of great fonts for use on desktop or in the web. Many fonts are licensed with the SIL Open Font License, meaning you're free to do whatever you'd like with them.
  • Canva Font Combinations - Similar to Font Pair. Contains more fonts than Font Pair, many of which are available via TypeKit and similar font resources.
  • Type Scale - This is a visual type scale utility that helps you properly scale the headings on your web pages based on any number of proportions. Great for establishing a strong visual hierarchy on your web pages.

Stock images

  • Unsplash - Great site full of royalty-free stock imagery.
  • Burst - Another site with royalty-free stock imagery brought to you by Shopify. This has a bit more emphasis on categorization of stock images.
  • Stockio - This site has not only stock images, but stock icons, vector graphics, videos, and font resources as well. It's a great all-in-one stop!
  • PEXELS - Tons of high quality, no-BS-licensed stock images.
  • Pixabay - Another great all-in-one stop for high quality, no-BS-licensed stock images, videos, vectors, et cetera.

Programming resources

  • Regex 101 - Great in-browser regex tool that helps you understand the expression as you're writing it.
  • - The official site for Json Web Tokens (jwt). The home page has a useful utility to help you view exactly what's in your tokens.