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  • Joy-Con shell swap!

  • Alright. I've come to the realization that I am unequivocally, absolutely incapable of maintaining a web site consistently at all.

    I'm sorry!

    I will share some fun stuff with you. Over the holiday break, the joystick on the left Joy-Con displayed many issues, like drift and inputs not registering. So, instead of dealing with Nintendo, I ordered a replacement joystick, and some shell swap replacements because what the hell, if I'm gonna be voiding the warranty, go big or go home, right?

    Well, without further ado, here are my previously-gray-but-now-transparent-ice-blue Joy-Cons:

    The front of the Nintendo Switch console.
    The back of the Nintendo Switch console.

    I even upgraded the rail latch to be metal. The joycons are SUPER secure on the rails, now, with minimal wobble and no signs of any wear on the rail or latches yet.

    Metal rail latches

    A few things I'd like to comment about the repair process:

    • Fuck ribbon cables forever. Especially on the right Joy-Con.
    • You'll probably have to shave some plastic off on one of the joycons to get both pieces to get together right.
    • Get the IFixit Y00 screwdriver bit and their screwdriver kit as well. It's magnetic and hands down the best screwdriver I've used.
    • There are springs and shit in the Joy-Con. Be careful. I pulled it apart in a box so that any parts that fly off or go missing land in the box.

    Overall, it was still worth it. Plus, I got a backup pair of grey Joy-Cons for cheap, so I had a backup in case I fucked them up. Thank God I didn't.